Firm owners leaving their mark in the sand after a wonderful and informative conference at the NCRA Conference in St. Pete, Florida.

Firm Owners Conference: “THE TAKEAWAY”

– by Kathy May

It was 11:50 when a voice came over the air, “We are now boarding Flight 1938 to Memphis.” Dana and I were heading home from three days at the National Court Reporters Association Firm Owners Conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida, at which we had the opportunity to network with old friends, make new ones, while at the same time attend the scheduled seminars designed to improve practices, impart wisdom and knowledge to all in attendance.  

Once we were seated on the plane, my mind went quickly, as it has each and every year after the conference, to what was the one takeaway from the experience and the seminars that would help propel Alpha and the Alpha Team to new and better heights. 

To make sure I identified the magic bullet, I relived in my mind the entirety of the conference: the various speakers, motivational and informative; the diversification of the various topics, ranging from how to improve your web presence to what is happening statistically in our profession; then there were the roundtable discussions with the attendees; and, oh, yes, the many question/answer sessions that prompted some interesting give-and-take. I even, in my thoughts, went from vendor table to vendor table, admiring their eagerness to showcase their latest wares, thinking I may find my answer there. 

Accountability is the key to moving forward successfully
Dana May engrossed in a seminar and absorbing the key concepts of accountability.

However, for some odd reason, with all the many options to choose from, I still could not identify that magic bullet that would leave me with the one thing that will make Alpha and the Team better and more successful.  I was having trouble identifying “The Takeaway.”

With only 15 minutes left before landing, Dana, as she always seems to do with her outgoing and friendly personality, struck up a conversation with a woman who turned out to be one of the attendees from the conference who was headed home to Austin. Knowing I was struggling with my decision, Dana asked our new acquaintance what she identified as the most important takeaway. Her immediate response was “accountability”.

There it was, one row in front of me: ACCOUNTABILITY.
Yes. That was it. The magic bullet. “The Takeaway.” 

Alpha and the Alpha Team will be Accountable at every level: From management to hospitality. From clients to cohorts. From sales to marketing. From court reporting to legal videography and trial technology. From production to delivery. From billing to collections. From “Hello, thank you for calling Alpha” to “Goodnight, Irene.” 

The voice once again came on the air, “Prepare for Landing.” We had made it home with another successful conference in the rearview mirror and, more importantly, a takeaway: ACCOUNTABILITY.  

2018 – the year of Accountability.  Let’s all strive to be accountable to our profession, our jobs, our clients, ourselves and one another.  Alpha and The Alpha Team – Accountable at every level.


4 thoughts on “Firm Owners Conference: “THE TAKEAWAY”

  1. Korian Neal February 6, 2018 at 4:05 pm

    My suggestion for accountability is simple: Follow through on what you say you will do. If you tell a client that you will have a transcript complete by by a certain date, make sure it’s done. A little goes a long way.

    • Alpha Reporting February 6, 2018 at 4:21 pm

      Excellent, and definitely simple, suggestion for accountability, Korian!

  2. Dana Webb February 7, 2018 at 6:11 am

    Great blog article and what a great way to get the accountability ball rolling for all of us. Glad I could be an integral part of your vision on this topic, even though there was a slight element of stranger danger by me talking to randoms on a plane!!

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