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A-Z Stenography Program

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Week Two of the Court Reporter Stenography Program

WHOA!! Brain Overload. Abort mission. Retreat. Those just happen to be the first words that come to mind with my week two experience in this exciting, yet challenging court reporting class. One thing I can tell you before I give you all an update on the class, is that this is NOT for the weak or faint-hearted. Stay with me, as I will return to this point a little bit later.

I arrived at The Alpha House for round/week two, anxious and ready, only to find out that the stenography lessons were a tad bit more difficult than last week. Well, “tad bit” is not the correct phrase, more like –

WHOA!!! Brain Overload. Abort mission. Retreat.

Yeah, that is what it was, for sure.

Oh, one more thing, before I really get started, did I tell you I’m in a class full of ambitious women ranging from young to not so young? On a side note, yeah, I may actually be a conspiracy theorist, because I think women are planning a world takeover here.

Anyway, back to the facts and a little about the court reporting class update. We had another Alpha court reporter come to assist with our class by the name of Ms. Debi.   It has been kind of exciting to hear from different court reporters and get a take on their experiences and their feel for the profession of court reporting. As it turns out, Ms. Debi has been with Alpha Reporting for about three years, and altogether and has been doing this immensely challenging job for about ten years. So let’s just say she knows what she is talking about when it comes to mastering all those keys on that funny-looking machine called a stenograph machine.

During her time she spent with us, Ms. Debi told us that with every success there is a failure, so the difference between the two, success and failure, as we have been reminded over and over again, is:


During our session, we reviewed the previous stenograph lessons, which was very easy going, but then we got to Lesson FIVE; the arrival of the LONG E, which wouldn’t have been so daunting if not for the earlier arrival of the LONG A. And wow what a challenge it was, and is. But I did learn something so crucial to the success of one and that is, take a guess, no, not PRACTICE but a concept called “The Double Opposite Rule”, which is vital to those five little letters called “the vowels.”

As class continued, I found myself becoming more and more frustrated, not so much with the vowels, but frustrated with myself. My brain was on the verge of exploding, or going on tilt, or shutting down, something major. Fortunately, I do have my class and study materials in hand as I leave the building for the evening, somehow more determined, and not to give up, at least not as of now. With that being said, and in all candor, Demetrius has got to sign out this week on this amazing opportunity I have been blessed with.

As long as I am hanging in here, I will continue to keep you all up to date on our progress and continue to do what not only the title says, but what our homework assignment is, and that is PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! lessons Three and Four, with a review of lessons One and Two, and mastering “The Double Opposite Rule”, the key to those five crucial letters called “The Vowels”, at least one of which every word in the English language contains.

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