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Did the Curiosity of the A to Z Program Kill the Cat?

The A – Z Stenographer Program

The Other Side – A HAPPENSTANCE 
What happens when a non-court reporter joins a stenography class?

Curiosity killed the cat. Oh, what if that were so true, you know? It was certainly curiosity that brought me into the “The Alpha House” at Alpha Reporting Corporation, for what I thought was a “creative” writing class, all based on a flyer I found. Little did I know that it was centrally focused on writing . . . . writing stenography as a COURT REPORTER, something I knew little or nothing about. And here I was, sitting with an odd looking machine in front of me, about to embark on a new and possible introduction to an unsolicited career, all due to a happenstance.

So there are two wonderful women: Ms. Kathy and Ms. Linda. Two enthusiastic women, to say the least. As they are breaking down the basics of court reporting, I’m thinking to myself, like, WOW this might be something I really want to do, especially since it is a very LUCRATIVE field of work, not to mention it came across as something that might make for a very interesting profession.

By the way, my name is Demetrius. So me, Demetrius, sitting in a room filled with women, all goal-driven, by the way, learning what it takes to be a court reporter. I am sitting there thinking, “Now it is like Channel 5 News live: you know, the whole mic in the hand situation, blasting out this shorthand stenograph ordeal going on.” That totally took me for a spin. Why? Well, because I am a songwriter, not a keyboard specialist. Now I am seeing why that cat ended up dead. So anyway, I have decided to give it a shot. What harm could it do?

One more thing: the course is totally free. I mean, that has OPPORTUNITY written all over it, and after all, what do I have to lose! During the course of our first evening, we took our time going through the finger placement of the stenograph machine, the placement of the hands and the curve of the fingers, which, if I can be honest, is no easy task.

An exciting fact that I did learn, and what seems a little out there, is that there are over 5,000 jobs opening up in 2018 with the base salary averaging at around 50,000 to 70,000, with a potential of over 6 figures.

The only tools needed for this profession, besides the funny looking machine and software, is commitment and speed. Well, more importantly from the words of the instructor is practice, practice, practice. If one practices and is honest about the development of their selves, the sky is the limit.

But back to these enthusiastic women. They are probably the sole reason I will return. The first day experience for a 24-year-old man was priceless. It was such a homely environment. They alone revived the cat.

Young man, Demetrius, welcome to the other side and stay tuned until next week when I provide an update on how this intended creative writer shoots for at least considering the profession of court reporting and the possibility of writing, oh, yes, you are hearing me right, writing 225 words a minute, the minimum required to be able to call yourself a COURT REPORTER.

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Demetrius, Creative Writer
A – Z Program Participant

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