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As I was sitting in my office the other day I received a  First Bump Emojitext, presumably for a job well done. This got me thinking about the history of communication. I believe that ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics were the original emoji’s. After further research, this is what I learned about the history of court reporting …..

My research led me to Marcus Tillius Tiro. Born in 103 BC, Tiro lived a long and prolific life to the age of 99, passing away in the year 4 BC. He was born a Slave to Cicero who was a politician and lawyer in Arpinum, 100 miles southeast of Rome. Tiro performed many duties for Cicero including tending his garden, preparing meals, managing his finances and taking dictation. Tiro was a scribe who also invented Tironian Shorthand. This became the first standardized and widely practiced system of Latin shorthand. The father of shorthand, Tiro, was freed in 53 BC but remained with his former master as an assistant during his time in politics. This would make Tiro arguably the first “Court Reporter”.

I hope this was not

T     O

P H     UF   P


T R   O         R

P H A   EU     GS

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Stuart Webb
Director of Business Development
at Alpha Reporting Corporation – Memphis Office
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