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Do We Stay Or Do We Go!

Embracing something new could be akin to –

Do We Stay or Do We Go!

So many times we elect to maintain status quo and refuse to consider something different and new, either because we become complacent, lazy, comfortable or fearful.
The first court reporting machine, better known in the beginning as a shorthand machine, was invented in 1877.

Embracing that odd-looking little device was met with skepticism and reluctance. I mean, after all, entrusting the spoken word to anything other than the tested and tried pen shorthand method was just not going to happen without pushback.

The court reporters that embraced that change remained relevant to the industry. Not to mention, as painful as that change must have been to the reporters at that time, that strange and odd-looking little machine has risen in the ranks, transformed over the years and found its place front and center of the court reporting world. Embracing something new, making the decision to go rather than to stay, definitely propelled the reporting industry and the court reporters to new and better heights.

With continued change and development, it was in the early ‘80s that computer systems were introduced to the court reporting industry. There were many that stood firm and viewed the computer as clunky, which it was; slow, which it was; costly, which it was; and as the skeptics would voice, it would never replace the method of straight dictating and typing the spoken word . . . . oh, but how wrong the skeptics were.

No doubt, the court reporters who made the decision to go and embrace that new technology, rather than to stay, opened up huge opportunities and once again transformed the court reporting industry.

Ah, but wait! On the horizon has emerged another major transformation, a transformation that, once again, leaves us with the decision . . . . do we stay or do we go! Do we dig our heels in, become complacent, lazy or comfortable with status quo, or do we make the decision to embrace what we all know will, can and has transformed once again the reporting industry, making us totally relevant in the here and now, but more importantly, the future.

REALTIME – Alpha has made the decision to embrace new changes and to go. Consider grabbing our coattails, hanging onto your hats and let’s go together.

REALTIME court reporting will be the one skill that will propel our reporters and The Alpha Team to new and better heights, making us relevant and integral to our legal system and the world of translation, for years to come!

As a court reporter, ask yourself, Do I Stay or Do I Go! Making the decision to go, to embrace and to move in that direction has to be the first step if we intend to stay relevant and move on to new and better heights.

As Thanksgiving is right around the corner, the season in which we give thanks, I want to let each one of The Alpha Team members known that I am very thankful for each and all.  Have a very blessed Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year – 2017.

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Kathy May, President


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