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A Blog by Sir Alphie

Hi everyone! It’s me, Sir Alphie.   I wanted to take a minute and blog to my new Alpha family, friends and all our great clients.

Just got to tell you how much I am enjoying being here at my new home, The Alpha House.  Everyone treats me great . . . . and gives me lots of treats without having to do any tricks.  That is truly special!   No doubt, I have found an amazing place to call my home.

Each week brings a new and learning experience.  This week, I am learning about Alpha’s 1st Class Services.   The staff, reporters and videographers all work very hard to make our clients happy.  Need expedited service? Alpha can do it for you, especially now that I’m nipping at their heels to help get it done! I do have to earn my keep, as they say.  Alpha has all of our services listed on our website at  Take a minute and check them out.

Oh, and have you seen our video about The Alpha Experience? If not, watch it at   The Alpha Experience is what makes Alpha different and unique.  Better yet, call (800-556-8974) and experience The Alpha Experience firsthand.

If you have used Alpha’s services before, please leave a comment below to tell me all about your Alpha experience.  You can trust I will pass the word on.

The more I know and the more I learn about Alpha, the more I realize I have found the right place for me, Alpha Reporting Corporation – The Alpha House – the place I call home.

And until next time . . . . Sir Alphie –  signing off.

Yours truly,

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