2014 Firm Owners Conference

The Alpha Reporter’s Moving On Up

The plane departed Orlando right on time. Dana and I were headed home from a two-day firm owners conference. We have actually attended the last dozen or so and it’s always the practice on the plane ride back to revisit the time spent while there. What did we learn, what did we take away and more importantly, what will we implement back at the office?

For this trip, even though we envision some new and exciting changes for The Alpha Team, my thoughts keep going back to how do we provide better service to our clients.  Could it be the answer lies with “The End Product”, the word-for-word document? Ah, yes, “THE INFAMOUS TRANSCRIPT”! We had our answer. For the next six months — well, actually for this next year, Realtime, Realtime, Realtime. Our goal will be to focus on helping and equiping our reporters to become Realtime writers, which in turn will translate into better service and better technology for our well-deserving clients.

Oh, yes, we have our plans and visions for new and exciting changes, but the idea of assisting the already gifted and talented reporters at Alpha to a new and higher level, a level that will not only improve their skill levels and income potential, but bring added value to our clients is definitely our takeaway from the 2014 Firm Owners Conference.

P.S. Even though there was a lot of time spent focusing on new opportunities, new ideas and new technology, we did manage to take out time to enjoy the great weather, the beautiful scenery, not to mention the Super Bowl Party with great friends and colleagues.

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